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The Ulitimate Kid Centric Divorce

Take Control Of Your Family’s Happiness With Our
Kid-Centric Divorce E-Course

Introducing the new e-course that we created for those who want to feel great about doing everything they can to help their kids to thrive before, during, and after divorce. Take the first step to happiness for you and your family.

Why spend hard-earned money, time, and effort in disputes, legal bills, and counseling when you can prevent all of these things. Your mental and physical health, as well as your child’s happiness, comes first. These powerful tools are delivered to you digitally via a user-friendly and gorgeous interface.

A typical hour-long session would cost between $200 and $300, but with our course, you’ll get hours of resources and support from two highly acclaimed psychologists, right when you need it. 

We are so pleased that you can now take action via our Clinically Happy methods to create positive change for your family from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.

Why Invest?

Benefit from our e-course by saving time, money, and energy on counselling fees, legal bills, and mental health. You could be saving on the following:

  • Counseling fees for both you and your children (minimum $200 per hour) 
  • Legal bills for lawyers and mediators (around $450 per hour)
  • Time spent in court could be spent with your family instead
  • Your family’s mental health and happiness (priceless)

What's The Impact?

We’re glad to offer definitive, detailed, and concrete tools to use as well as scripts to follow to create hope and know-how for you to:

  • Establish a home environment for your kids that boosts their happiness and mental health and creates a foundation for their success
  • Know what to do and say to your child(ren)’s other parent to help smooth the process for the sake of your kids
  • Feel more confident about how to successfully manage yourself, your kids, your family and your home

What's Included?

Our e-course aims to equip you with the tools, resources, confidence, and words that help you, your ex, and your children through your separation journey.

  • Virtual self-paced course: Go at your own speed
  • Downloadable resources: Handouts, worksheets & reminders to help you reach and maintain your kid-centric goals
  • Interactive quizzes: Find out how kid-centric you already are and receive feedback about how you can do even more to help your kids

Are you ready to take a step towards happiness?

e-course video

Course Curriculum

  1.   Welcome
  2.   Divorce Essentials: Kids Can Thrive
  3.   Roll Up Your Sleeves and Help Your Kids Thrive
  4.   The Script: Telling Your Kids You’re Splitting Up
  5.   Building Your ‘I’ to ‘We’ Parenting Perspective
  6.   Slapping Down Toxic Interactions
  7.   Perfecting Your Co-Parenting Communication
  8.   The Real Truth Behind Successfully Introducing a New Significant Other
  9.   Self-Care: The Better You Are, The Better Your Kids Will Be
  10.   Kid-Centric Divorce Course Wrap Up

What People Have To Say...

I love these two. They tell it how it is. At the same time they give me hope that I can really change for the sake of my kids.
~ Kelly R

These psychologists deliver big ideas with a special friendly twist. I feel like they really care about people and their happiness.
~ Jeff B

The Dr.F’s approach is super clear. I get it now!! I’m ready to do what I need to do with my ex to help my kids.
~ Sami F

Wow! This course really kicked my attitude and approach with my ex into a better place. Thx Dr.F’s.
~ Kenji O

There’s something special about how this dynamic duo breaks down what I need to do to help my kids. Awesome!
~ Jenn P

Well, these two just served me up a huge helping of hope that I can really work with my ex constructively. Woo!
~ Sandra W

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