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For parents going through divorce or separation who’ll do anything to see their children thrive and be resilient

The Ultimate
Kid-Centric Divorce

Your closest alternative to 
expensive in-office therapy with the 
same results

(without tricks, pseudo-science, or esoteric out-there approaches)

“I’m forced to regularly communicate with a person I no longer recognize, respect, or tolerate.
I just don’t know how.

And why would you — separation and divorce as a parent are not something you ever prepare for. 

Whether you’re in Vancouver or Vienna, it’s emotionally and financially draining and the problems are the same.

In fact, separation:

The worst part?

No one's helping.

Your nearest and dearest tried and you've already been through free counseling and support available to you… with the eye-watering $500 hourly legal fees, mediator costs, and everything else that feels like throwing money into a black hole… there is only so much you can afford right now.

Plus, let’s face it. Several months of therapy at $200-$300 per session could mount up to several thousands of dollars.

You have enough pressure as it is. 

… yet, with a difficult ex, you’re just running around in exhausting circles.

permeates every aspect of life — your work, the relationships around you and your physical wellbeing 

feels like you’re being swallowed up by a tornado and spat out in pieces 

has you juggling the tasks that come with your new reality. Pushing yourself to the limit. Trying to uphold normality the kids are used to.

You know this will take time. 
Some of it will be ugly. 

But you'll try everything.
For the sake of the kids.

You wake up every morning with the best intentions. 

Today has to be better. 

But even before you can take a single sip of your first coffee of the day, the little blue light on your phone is already blinking, lighting up the dark room. 

Please... not another nasty message. It’s not even 7 am yet. 

Your heart races and you feel a strange and unsettling sensation in the pit of your stomach as you skim the lines with your eyes still half shut — some angry rant about why you said nothing about your daughter’s suspected tonsillitis and a doctor’s appointment. 

Why should I? I’m the one who did nothing wrong and left to pick up the pieces!

Or should you have? You really don’t know anymore.

So you throw your feet out of bed and fix the kids a healthy breakfast, get them in the car and get to work before your childless co-worker makes another catty remark about how they’ve never been late since the day they started working there back in 1995...

Something has to change. This isn’t going to end well for anyone. 

If only someone told you what to do exactly and reassured you that your divorce doesn’t mean you’re messing up your kids and setting up generations of unhappiness.

You are moving in the right direction...

Urgent emails about re-scheduled swim practices go unanswered. Co-parenting requests about screen-time get ignored. Too many angry calls and tears lately. 

It’s all wearing you down and you’re not sure if you’ve got what it takes to go through this. 

Is this what it’s like for everyone with kids to go through divorce? Is there even a different way to do this?

 You’re sure… you’ve SEEN happy co-parenting arrangements — it’s not exclusive to Oprah’s celeb guests. 

Those kids ARE thriving and act resilient... seemingly effortlessly as they’re picked up from school each week by a different smiling parent. 

Those every-day-looking parents don’t appear to live with the constant stress of worrying about how to save their kids from high-risk behaviors ten years from now. 

How is that possible? How do those people not feel inadequate, worried and a failure?

... except so painfully slowly. Taking one step forward and three steps back.

Parents going through a divorce don't have to fight fire with fire every single day
(nor do you have to compromise your feelings)

All you want is anxiety-free pickups and drop-offs. To act indifferent toward your situation and see a glimpse of hope for the future. Your family to stop throwing obstacles in your way when you’ve made progress. 

And to never again have to experience this feeling of being stabbed in the heart every time you speak to your ex.  

You can remove yourself from toxic situations and start thriving post-separation

“I love these two. They tell it how it is. At the same time, they give me hope that I can really change for the sake of my kids.” — Kelly R.

The Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce

You’ll feel hopeful and confident, equipped with the tools for control. You’ll be communicating with your ex without angry bursts, slamming doors and smashing phones against the floor, and soon feel indifferent toward them. 

You’ll speak the right words to your children in the right tone. You’ll stop being angry and resentful — finally, you can get back to being your old, interesting self (that’s been missed by many around you).

For parents going through divorce or separation who want to see their children thrive and be resilient

A reliable method that gets you the closest results to expensive in-person therapy 

(without tricks, pseudo-science, or esoteric out-there approaches)

Follow the step-by-step guidance laid out in the course and you'll be in control of what is within your control — while fully being there for your children and modeling being civil with your ex

Even if you’ll do anything for your kids’ sake... 

… you don’t want to do this all alone 

(and you really don’t have to do all the heavy lifting yourself) 

Within just a few weeks, 
you’ll feel empowered, reassured and motivated

In the course, you’ll get access to our successful Clinically Happy step-by-step method that’s been immensely helpful to hundreds of families since 2012. It:

Ensures your children will not only survive the divorce but come out well-adjusted to the new family situation 

Equips you to continue to focus on providing normality to your children as much as possible 

Builds healthier relationships, now and in the future, for all 

Gets you results independently of support people, therapist, expensive mediators or lawyers 

The BEST part?

Once you've set the system up, life gets easier (and more enjoyable).

Pickup and transition times become way more civilized

Less nasty emails, eye-rolling and angry calls

You'll know what to say when unexpected things come up

You'll have full control of what happens in your household

You’ll depend on no one to make it happen. Your success is all your own.

“Wow. This course has really kicked my attitude and approach with my ex into a better place.” — Kenji O.

… with the Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce

Just to make it clear.

The Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce Course is not one of those video programs you watch a fraction of… claim it would never work for you, close the browser, regret buying and continue living just as confused, miserable and feeling hopeless as before.

If you decide to go deeper and do the quizzes, worksheets, print out the handouts, and stick the reminders on the fridge — you’ll see even more incredible results in the upcoming weeks and months. 

Getting your sanity back is simple. 

In 60 minutes you’ll get: 

A comprehensive, virtual, self-paced program that can be completed in as little as an hour for the cost of an average 60-minute session with a divorce attorney

for serious parents going through separation who want a road map to confidently and efficiently manage themselves, their kids, their families and their homes 

a gentle and action-oriented approach put together purposely in a way that if you only watch the videos and nothing else, you’ll STILL get immediate, noticeable results

The only online course for parents going through separation or divorce expertly put together with a focus on what matters...

… your kids’ happiness & emotional wellbeing and your mental health 

2 to 3-min short, pithy videos, grouped around your most important immediate concerns, each with accompanying action plans detailing how to use the various strategies in your day-to-day real world

15+ scripts, quizzes, guides and templates to help you plan ahead and check where you are

Confidence in knowing this has worked for hundreds of families time and time again

Your kids deserve a 180-degree turn towards a happy childhood...

"I'll do anything for my kids.

But if you only knew how difficult my ex is"


Dr. Carla Fry and Dr. Lisa Ferrari here. 

The Dr. F’s. We’ve worked as clinical psychologists in our Vancouver clinic since 2001 where we’ve listened to hundreds of personal stories of separating parents and their children. 

We offer you the exact same expertise online that we offer to our in-person patients at our Vancouver Clinic, the students, readers and viewers who have already benefited from therapy, learning coping skills, knowledge and inspiration to positively change.

 Wherever you are on your separation journey, we’ll not only help you get through it but equip you with the knowledge and the tools to thrive in the end. 

We don’t advocate drawn-out, agonizing long calls with the exes to “talk things through.” Nor esoteric “out-there” questionable methods. 

Just nailing civil communication with your ex with a focus on the kids. 

We've spent the last twenty years talking to parents and children in similar emotionally charged and hopeless situations like yours — and singled out the common threads and activities that concern them the most before, during and post-divorce. 

We’re not holding anything back from you. 

All we know and how it can help you is inside the Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce Course.

We probably do

Are you ready to 
put a stop to the daily dose of 
madness, anger and resentment?

Get professional help that is cost effective, delivers immediate results and, most importantly, guarantees your child comes out of this difficult time happy and well-adjusted 

(regardless of where in the world you live) 

(and bargaining with yourself and others about your dire situation)

 With the Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce, you'll...

When you're not sure what works best, you can’t possibly know where to direct your energy or even how to say things. Our Clinically Happy method shows you exactly how to plan your days, what needs to stay, what needs to go and how to communicate all that to your kids and ex.

Ensure your kids don't just survive your separation

Control the things that are within your control
(leave the ones that aren’t & focus on your kids — they matter most)

You’d love to control everything, including what goes on in the other household. But you’ll find better success and feel more in control when you know what’s possible and what isn’t. With our kid-centric divorce approach, you’ll keep the focus on yourself and the kids and not what’s going on with your ex.

Build generations of happiness
(that's what happens when you put your kids first)

Everything you do today has a ripple effect on those around you — including mental health and tendencies for high-risk behaviors later in life. Equip your children with resilience and the ability to navigate through changes in life or whenever they need to adjust to a new reality. 

Communicate with ease
(any other way is just madness)

Angry and resentful words don’t serve any situation. Still, it’s hard not to end up wanting to scream or slam doors during weekend visits, pickups or drop-offs. The Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce gives you step-by-step guidance on what to say to your ex and kids — and how — for every major situation.

"There is something special about how this dynamic duo breaks down what I need to do to help my kids." — Jenn P

Invest in your kids’ long-lasting happiness instead of throwing more $$$ at attorneys and mediators

only $497

I want to see my kids grow up happy and well adjusted >>

The Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce is based on everything we've learned in the past 20+ years

and reveals the exact method we use at our clinic*

(*a minimum of 15 sessions at $260/50 mins=$3900!) 

The moment you join, you'll get instant access to the entire course
you can complete in around an hour or in  3-4 bite-sized sessions

Here’s what you’ll gain: 

life-changing skills and gain invaluable insights


If you’re currently struggling, have no idea how to get through the day, or dodging eye contact with your kids because you don’t know how to tell them your ex isn’t coming home that night, the First Module lays down the non-negotiable foundations for a divorce with the most important thing in mind:

Discover how the Clinically Happy method is different and what type of mindset you need to adapt to ensure success 

Learn about the gold standard of setting your kids up to thrive 

The two most essential things you can provide your kids before, during and after the separation 

Learn how to show up, lead and model, regardless of how sad, angry or resentful you feel, so your kids don’t just survive the separation (And no. Kids aren’t that resilient. They still need your help with this.) 

Get strategies for masterfully navigating high-conflict scenarios that cause the most emotional harm for children 

Learn what happens when kids are made to choose between parents 



Get ready to commit to success. The only child that’s resilient is the one that’s well prepared for the day. And it’s your job to make sure they are.

Learn what type of parenting builds a strong relationship with your kids

Lay down your household foundations as if you were the CEO of it

Find out how you may be unintentionally putting your kids in various forms of a squeeze (from “Tell your dad you need to go to bed early tonight because swim practice starts early tomorrow” to “Don’t tell your Mom I have a girlfriend — okay?”)



What kids need to know and how to tell them (with do’s and don'ts.) Age-specific advice on how and when to approach the subject and if it should be done together with your ex or alone.

The best time and place to tell the kids 

How long and detailed should the conversation be 

How long to wait before follow-up discussions 

The exact script you can use without adding or replacing a single word 

What to say when the kids ask why 

What kids NEED to know to cope 



Take the Co-parenting vs. Single-parenting driven quiz and assess your current parenting style — this will inform everything you’ll learn in this module.

What “We” parenting is and how it works in real life 

Why adopting the “We” parenting is hard but once you master it, it’s handy for all situations, including deciding whether to give your child their first smartphone (or not) 

Why the “We” message is non-negotiable 



This module is about you and any residue you may have about your ex creating a negative atmosphere.

How using smack talk is never just innocent badmouthing 

What to do when other people smack talk your ex 

The difference between over-sharers, under-sharers and just-right-sharers 

The type of communication that creates fear and worry in children (and you’re probably doing it all the time) 



Parental conflict is the number one mental health risk factor for kids post-divorce. Great communication with your ex is tough — poor communication may have contributed to the breakup in the first place. You’re not being asked the impossible here — just aiming for respectful communication in front of the kids.

Comprehensive list of communication no-no’s and go-to’s 

What to talk about during times of pickups and drop-offs 

Rules of email communication including how many words you should use and how long you should wait for an answer 

How to address a time-sensitive situation when emails don’t work 

How to write a *useful* structured transition email updating the other parent after your parenting time 



Should you, or not, introduce your love interest to your kids?

When? Six months or twelve months post-divorce?

The real truth behind successfully introducing a new significant other is often much more complex and this module will set you up for the best possible outcome. 

Common myths people tell themselves to justify prematurely introducing a new partner to their kids

The time that’s never the right time to introduce a new person into your children’s lives

Step-by-step instructions on how to do the introduction



Sticking to your values is hardest when communicating or interacting with your ex. This module and the worksheets serve as an inspiration and guide to help you live your values even when it’s challenging to do so.

Why self-care and self-compassion aren’t just buzzwords

The fundamentals of self-care

Who and what are your supports and why writing a plan is necessary 

The only time when being sad is acceptable 


And to make sure you have
a good grasp of the course content, or 
if you decide to go all in and do deeper work 

And to make sure you have 
a good grasp of the course content, or if you decide to go all in and do deeper work 

15+ can’t-live-without worksheets, checklists, scripts and guides to keep you on the right track 

Thinking about what to say and how to say it takes hours and often you just end up blurting out something you never meant to say. 

Get worksheets, guides, checklists and scripts so that you never have to worry about saying the wrong thing at the next pickup time or when approaching tricky subjects in your next email. 

You'll be getting these tools, too

The bulletproof relationship protection plan worksheet
Kid-centric parenting quiz 
The 3 squeeze worksheet 
How to tell the kids script (pre-schoolers) 
How to tell the kids script (school-age) 
How to tell the kids script (teens) 
Do’s and Don’ts when telling kids about getting divorced 
Your 3 best co-parenting moves you’re already slam-dunking worksheet
Your 3 co-parenting goals to further up your game worksheet

Co-parenting vs. single parenting driven quiz
Interrogation checklist
Guide to Divorce communication 
Guide to When others smack talk your ex 
Guide to Email rules 
How ready are my KIDS to meet my new significant other? quiz 
How ready is my EX for our kids to meet my new significant other? quiz 
Your top 6 values worksheet 
Value change-o-meter quiz 
Taking care of yourself worksheet

“These psychologists deliver big ideas with a special friendly twist. They really care about people and their happiness.” — Jeff B.

Never worry again about how to
see your kids through your separation 
(while dealing with the last person you want to talk to)

I want to see my kids grow up happy and well adjusted >>

Never worry again about 
how to see your kids 
through your separation 
(while dealing with the last person you want to talk to)

Get the most effective step-by-step approach replacing in-office therapy (saving you $$$ and getting through the essence of it in an hour with the same results) 

Get the Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce now and lock in this special introductory price

only $497

“The Dr. F’s approach is super clear. I get it now!! I’m ready to do what I need to do with my ex to help my kids.” — Sami F.


Backed by our

40+ years combined experience as Vancouver’s expert divorce therapist helping hundreds of families go from vulnerable, desperate and angry to anxiety-free pickups and drop-offs — week in, week out

Questions concerned and exhausted parents ask before saying “yes” to 
the Clinically Happy way of divorce or separation

+ How is this course different from other parenting/separation courses online?+ Is this course for people already divorced? I’m only thinking of separating, I’m not going through a divorce — yet.+ I’m in the US and so is my family court. Does this course apply to me?+ I want to do this, but how much work do I have to do?+ I've read ALL the books on the subject, I’m active in several Facebook groups and I’ve done a lot of research into divorce with kids. How is this any different?+ Is being happy a reality after divorce? From where I’m standing now — nasty messages from my ex, zero co-operation, and doing the exact opposite of what I ask — I really can’t see this as a possibility.+ I don't feel I can do this. I’ve already tried so many things. Are you sure this will work for me?+ My ex is very difficult. I can’t make them watch this course, let alone implement any of it. Is it still worth me taking it?

Here's what we know for sure about how 
you can see to your kids’ happiness during separation... 

The Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce Course is perfect for you if you 

want to make sure your kids survive your separation 
don't have the money right now for expensive therapy sessions 
want to provide as much normality as you can during this time 
want to get expert advice on what normality should look like 
have had enough of reading blogs, forums and watching YouTube videos of other parents ranting about the gloomy situations 
would rather stick to professional advice vs. random people talking about their divorces and making you doubt yourself even more 
would feel relieved if you had the exact script of what to tell your kids 
are anxious doing it alone want a roadmap to help you get through this 
don’t want to mess this up for anyone 

Your kids' future happiness may depend on it

I want to see my kids grow up happy and well adjusted >>

Invest the equivalent of 60-mins of your attorney’s time and greatly improve the chances of your kids’ happiness in just an hour

Your vulnerable, overwhelmed and hopeless self wants your vibrant, energized and clear-headed self back 

(& so do your kids, family, co-workers and your favorite barista) 

You already know the traditional way of thinking about separation needs to change. 

You can keep doing it the old way or you see the alternative and skip the live-and-learn experiences. 

The sooner you act, the sooner you’ll know exactly what to do to keep your kids out of the middle of the nastiness. 

All without

Nasty calls or messages 
Putting your children in the middle 
Sleepless nights before drop-offs and pickups 
Expensive therapy sessions 
Losing yourself in the process

None of that madness!  

Pardon The Cliché, but  


— Your Move —


The only thing you risk right now is spending another second living your life without the right narratives 
to your and your kid’s future happiness. 

The ones that take your raw uncontrollable feelings and guide them with total confidence and precision so that you all come out of this better off

If you’re ready to wake up tomorrow and... 

* take full responsibility for what goes down in your household and sailing through what life may unexpectedly throw at you 

* start planting the seeds for an ideal outcome for everyone involved and letting highly relevant and no-nonsense scripts and checklists lessen your workload (and the guesswork) 

* skip the confusion and overwhelm by immersing yourself in the Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce Course which has been carefully crafted from the ground up to get you a steady flow of daily wins and make you feel like a normal person again 

… then we can’t wait to meet you inside the course area. 

The Dr. F’s  

I want to see my kids grow up happy and well adjusted >>

only $497

Get the blueprint to their future happiness. 
Mapped out in manageable chunks — complete it in as little as an hour 

“These two just served me up a huge helping of hope that 
I can really work with my ex constructively. Woo!” — Sandra W.

Dr. Carla Fry and Dr. Lisa Ferrari 

Authors of the best-selling book, Gratitude and Kindness: A Modern Parents Guide to Raising Children in an Era of Entitlement

Helping hundreds of parents and children transition into happier relationships for two decades