I've read ALL the books on the subject, I’m active in several Facebook groups and I’ve done a lot of research into divorce with kids. How is this any different?  

You obviously care a lot about what’s happening in your household. You're already miles ahead of many confused parents feeling helpless.

Our goal here is to give you the exact steps you need to take before, during and post-divorce so that you can all move forward and enjoy life — again. 

If you spend all your spare time (and we’re wildly guessing you don’t have much of it) figuring out which of the many strategies may work, or test every single one of them, you'll be a burned-out wreck before you make any significant headway. 

With the Ultimate Kid-Centric Divorce Course, you’ll know what to do and say to your kids and your ex each day to see progress continue. 

Focus on these steps and you'll have the building blocks you need to see yourself and your children adjust to the new family situation and thrive.