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Dr Carla Fry
Dr. Carla Fry, Clinical Psychologist
Dr Lisa Ferrari
Dr. Lisa Ferrari, Clinical Psychologist

Who We Are

By day, Dr Carla Fry and Dr Lisa Ferrari are Clinical Psychologists, by morning, noon and night they are grateful students of life.

Whether they’re teaching at universities, providing psychological treatment in their thriving clinic, the Vancouver Psychology Centre, speaking to school, community or multimedia audiences, and writing articles or books, Dr. Fry and Dr. Ferrari are devoted to sharing what they know. They are committed to providing pathways for others to live their best lives; and to help the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of today’s generation with the know-how to live their best lives as well.

Dr. Fry and Dr. Ferrari, affectionately known as the Dr.F’s, are captivated when listening to the personal stories of their patients. They are fascinated by people’s abilities to be resilient – or not – depending on their readiness for personal transformation.

The Clinically Happy Psychologists are both grateful and honored that so many families and individuals have trusted their counselling expertise throughout the years. Both psychologists have been invited into the lives of their patients, students, readers and viewers to provide therapy, coping skills, knowledge and inspiration to positively change. Connecting children, teens and adults with scientifically proven methods to live authentically, to meet their goals and to improve their well-being- this is a deep passion of Clinically Happy.

With Gratitude,
Drs. Carla Fry & Lisa Ferrari

aka #TheDrFs

What We Love To Do

In our humble opinions, we’ve got the best jobs in the world. We’ve spent thousands of hours eyeball to eyeball with kids in our consultations rooms. We are looking forward to continuing to provide support to individuals who find that it works to show up at our office, but Clinically Happy is set up so we can connect and offer our expertise easily to anyone who’s so inspired to drop-in from anywhere around the world.

Are you wanting any of the following:

  • Relationship


  • Mindfullness


  • Strengthen

    Parent-Child Bond

  • Coping Through

    Divorce & Seperation

  • Helping Kids

    Cope With Their Emotions

Who We Love

We love the phrase Pay it Forward. We wish we had coined it. Please let us introduce you to our community partners and why we love them.

Children Mending Hearts

Bringing random acts of kindness to a community near you


We founded Kindness Patrol in 2015 with a mission to create annual events designed to encourage kids to deliver random acts of kindness to members of the community.

Learn more about our latest patrols and how to get involved here.

Clinically Happy
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