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We’d like to introduce you to our book, Gratitude & Kindness: Modern Parents’ Guide to Raising Children in an Era of Entitlement. We’re crazy proud of it. It’s a snappy collection of scientific research, experience from our psychology couch, and feedback from our workshop and lecture participants. The sum of this information is all rolled in to a couple hundred pages of powerful and topical how-to’s that every parent everywhere will want to read.

In our combined 35 years of experience, parents have been on their knees asking us: ‘How do I get my child to say thank you and mean it?’, ‘My child is spoiled – how do I fix it?’, ‘How do I keep my child from acting so selfish and self-centered?’. In this book we answer these questions and address a hands-on way to rework the family atmosphere and to create a lasting positive change for parents, their children and subsequent generations.

We give you the scoop on Boosting Gratitude with all ages of children – including adult children – and we have a special section on Rehab for Entitlement-Enhancing Parents (a.k.a. how to crush entitlement that’s already developed).

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I love the mix of research and actionable tips in Gratitude & Kindness. As a new parent, it is my mission to raise our son in an environment of kindness to ensure his success and happiness in life. Having done quite a bit of research myself in this arena, I realize how important it is to set good examples at an early age and their engaging anecdotes combined with practical exercises makes for a great read and good set of guidelines for all parents. —David Gaz, Director of the Film, Kindness Is Contagious

Here’s a book you’ll be dying to hand out to all the helicopter parents at the playground. Vancouver’s Dr. Carla Fry and Dr. Lisa Ferrari have published a wake-up call to the epidemic of entitle-mania; in the new generation of kids. With practical solutions and specific examples (stop paying your kid $50 to wash the car!) the Doctors are direct and to the point about how giving in to your kids every whim is short term gain for long term pain. They teach that there is a positive feedback loop between kindness and happiness, and that grateful children are kind children, and we can all be happy about that. —Sarah Bancroft, editor-in-chief of, and

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